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FOLLOW US self-service platform warns users about going over their bill limit

Paul Lipscombe
October 22, 2018

‘Captive Pages’ service aims to help customers avoid bill shockAirtime distributor has launched a self-service platform that warns subscribers when they are about to exceed their bill limit.

The platform is called “Captive Pages” and follows recent Ofcom regulatory changes that require businesses to offer new and existing customers the opportunity to request a spending cap. The cap limits the amount of additional charges that customers may face above their fixed monthly tariff.

Captive Pages tells customers whenever a spending cap is reached. It also gives users the opportunity to increase the cap and remove restrictions, as well as adding bolt-ons. co-founder Keith Curran says the service will provide customers and partners with better flexibility and control.

“We’ve simplified very complex regulations and delivered a cutting-edge tech solution that takes self-service to the next level.

“Captive Pages provides our partners and customers with more flexibility, more immediacy and more intuitive technology than ever before.”

The service-specific web pages are triggered automatically or through SMS once a spending cap has been reached and a service has been restricted.

The self-service platform launched earlier this month. Hundreds of Captive Pages alerts were triggered as it informed customers and prevented additional charges against these accounts.

As a result, 38 per cent of people who either received an SMS or triggered pages chose to extend their spending caps, while a further 17 per cent added a bolt-on.

The self-service platform claims to avoid the issue of bill shock as customers can control limit increases and are alerted once limits are met.

Curran added: “We’ve put even more control directly into our customers’ hands, as well as the hands of the partners who support them.” head of marketing Adrian Robinson told Mobile News that the platform has been launched to provide customers with solutions to reaching their limit.

“We came up with Captive Pages, as we didn’t want to restrict services for customers. It also means the person is aware in the lead up-to the limit being reached. It also gives customers the ability to remove any restrictions.”

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