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Google applies for US license to support Huawei smartphones

Paul Lipscombe
February 27, 2020

Huawei’s last two smartphones have been released without pre-installed Google services

Google has reportedly applied for a US license so that it can provide Huawei smartphones with Google services.

That is according to German website Deutsche Press Agentu, who claim Google VP of Android and Google Play Sameer Samat has confirmed that Google has applied for a US license to the US government.

This is the latest twist in what has been an ongoing dispute between Huawei and the US, since the US government placed the Chinese vendor on the US Entity List last year.

Huawei’s position on the list was due to the US perceiving the vendor as a “threat to national security”.

The ban has meant that Huawei has been unable to use Google Mobile Services (GMS) on its latest phones, such as the Play Store, Gmail and YouTube. 

However Huawei has invested heavily in its own Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) and has incorporated these into its latest smartphones, the Mate 30 series and the Mate Xs, which was unveiled earlier this week. 

HMS is the third biggest mobile ecosystem in the world with around four million users in the UK and 600 million worldwide, behind Android and Apple. 

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