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Industry reaction to the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch

Michael Garwood
September 10, 2014

Industry reacts to the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch announcements

A selection of comments made by analysts, insurers and retailers following last night’s Apple launch event.

Ovum senior analyst operator strategy Paul Lambert:
“Apple’s new devices offer operators a great opportunity to increase data usage and data revenues. Each of the new devices will lead to more cellular data use, which is also great news for operators – especially if they can price data services in ways that capture consumers’ imaginations.

“Operators have seen that with each new iPhone consumers are willing to pay a premium to own the latest Apple device. With the new iPhones operators have fresh impetus to help them increase the amount their subscribers spend with them, and how long they stay with them.

“Crucially, with the new iPhone 6 devices, operators will need to continue to invest in their networks to ensure they offer robust Internet access that can cope with the increase in mobile data traffic the new devices will bring about.”


Worth the wait? The Apple Watch will launch next year

End of the Wallet?
Ovum Principal consumer analyst Eden Zoller added:“Apple reckons its new Apple Pay service will be the one that makes traditional wallets a thing of the past. Rhetoric to this effect is nothing new in the m-payments space but so far it has left consumers cold. But if anyone can help make this happen then it is probably Apple, although it will need strong partnerships. NFC, as we expected, is the key enabling technology for mobile proximity payments but TouchID biometrics are also in the equation for authentication and Apple Pay looks set to be integrated with Passbook, which is a natural fit. But it’s not all about proximity payments – Apple is also set to enable online checkouts without having to enter card details. This should get PayPal and other online payment providers a little worried, particularly as Apple already has 800 million iTunes accounts on file.

“It looks like many in the ecosystem think Apple can make mobile payments fly as it has launched with the backing of major card schemes, a clutch of banks and big name retailers. This is a promising start although not everyone will be happy as the strengths of Apple Pay will make it highly disruptive for many existing digital wallet providers such as Google Wallet and those run by mobile operators, which in many markets are making slow progress.”

Scott Hooton (pictured below), Chief Marketing Officer at Phones 4u:
“The iPhone is the most sought after smartphone at Phones 4u and today it has raised the benchmark again, with not one, but two innovative new handsets. The iPhone range has been exceptionally popular ever since its initial launch in 2007, and our research (based on answers from 657 people) shows over half (54per cent) of people are interested in the new iPhone models, which clearly demonstrates the continued popularity of Apple across the nation. The research also showed that people are torn between the two newly unveiled screen sizes – with 39 per cent preferring the 5.5inch model, followed closely by 36 per cent opting for the 4.7inch – so it’ll be interesting to see which one wins favour when they go on sale.


Phones 4U Scott Hooton: “Apple has raised the bar”

“We know that consumers were expecting a wide range of new features, with the top three people were most excited about including a toughened glass screen (65 per cent), improved camera (41 per cent) and improved processor (30 per cent), so it’s great to see these desires have been met with the new iPhone models.

On the Apple Watch: “We see smart and wearable technology as the latest, key milestone in the evolution of the mobile experience.

“We know there’s a huge amount of appetite for a smart, wearable device from Apple – our research* shows that nearly half of customers (49 per cent) are interested in the launch of an Apple Watch – which is impressive for such a new product category.”

Stephen Ebbett, global director of gadget insurer Protect Your Bubble:
“If ever there was a gadget to make the clothing industry reassess its average pocket size, it’s the iPhone 6 Plus.

“Phones have been getting bigger for a while but, with Apple joining the fray, the phablet just got a whole lot more mainstream.

“The iPhone 6 Plus is smaller than its biggest rival – at 5.5 inches to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4’s 5.7 inches – but this launch of an Apple phablet is still testament that size really does matter.
On the Apple Watch: “The months of rumours turned out to be more or less spot on, but there was one glaring admission. Although the Apple Watch boasts sapphire glass, there were no mentions of improved robustness or new materials for either the iPhone 6 or the Plus.

“For die-hard Apple fans its smart watch was the inevitable next step and clear move into the wearables market that has yet to really get off the ground.

“Where so many have failed, Apple may have just proved that wearable tech can be both fully functional and aesthetically pleasing. Time will tell.

“With interchangeable watch straps, it is surely only a matter of time before high-end fashion houses and high-street retailers alike start producing their own accessories for this highly-desirable wrist candy.

“Unsurprisingly, fitness is a key focus of the watch, by enabling all the health aspects of a good sports app with the functionality of a good sports watch.”


Little and large: iPhone 6 (left) and iPhone 6 Plus

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