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Kastus: Consumers keen to buy smartphones with antibacterial protection

Paul Lipscombe
June 30, 2021

The pandemic has changed how consumers approach phone sanitation 

A study has revealed that 61 per cent of smartphone users are keen to switch to brands that have 24/7 antiviral and antibacterial screen protection.

And the study by nanotechnology firm Kastus, which polled 2,000 UK adults found that only nine per cent of mobile users would remain with their current brand against the alternative of a device with built in protection against bacteria and viruses.

The feedback follows the wake of the global pandemic, with consumers more conscious around sanitisation.

According to Kastus, 83pc admitted to becoming more concerned about germs and viruses since the pandemic began.

Four in five (81pc) even said that permanent antiviral and antibacterial protection should be a standard feature.

Commenting on the study, Kastus VP of global marketing Darragh O’Connor said: “We’re now in a high touch world where smartphones harbour harmful bacteria and viruses making them disease vectors. Increasingly consumers want brands to take responsibility for minimising the risks they pose.

“So it’s no surprise that, as evidenced by the 60 percent plus switch intent, phone shoppers will switch to those smartphone and tablet brands that offer protection as standard, especially given technology features are less differentiating than ever.”



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