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Opensignal: UK lags behind some in EMEA on key 5G performance metrics

Saf Malik
June 30, 2021

The UK performed middle to below-par across a number of metrics

The UK lags behind a number of European and Middle Eastern countries in key 5G performance metrics, according to a report by mobile analytics and insights company Opensignal.

Opensignal analysed 5G experience across metrics including availability, reach, and download and upload speeds, with the UK posting middling to below-average results in most categories among the country’s analysed.

In the 5G speed metric, the UK was reported to have average download speeds of 121.4Mbps – ranking it 11th of 15.

The country finished 14th for upload speeds, with an average of 13.8Mbps.

In terms of availability, the UK was again 14th, with 5G users spending just 5.6 per cent of their time connected to the technology in these early days of rollout.

This ranked it only ahead of Spain, while Kuwait topped the category with 27.6 per cent availability. The UK posted better results in the video experience category, in which it finished eighth behind the likes of the Netherlands, Germany and Ireland.

The country also ranked eighth for 5G ‘uplift’ in download speeds compared with 4G.

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