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NSYS Group showcases AI-enabled auto grading app

Paul Lipscombe
July 6, 2021

The Autograding provides each device with an A to D rating

NSYS Group has developed an AI solution that automatically grades your smartphone through taking photos.

The software solution and mobile diagnostics firm claims that its solution NSYS Autograding can provide consumers with a grade for their phone, by taking six photos.

The grading is done through an app that analyses six images of the phone, looking at various angles and checking for scuffs and scratches.

According to NSYS Group head of product Ian Mazuro, the solution is not subjective, unlike human analysis of grading.

“This solution ends the discrepancy and disputes around grading handsets,” said Mazuro.

“Our app doesn’t have a mood unlike humans, with research showing that one in four people change their minds when grading phones within a couple of weeks of each other. But this (the app) is always objective, never subjective.”

The AI identifies the smartphone and provides the phone with either Grade A, B, C or D, with A being in the best condition and D constituting poor.

It works in tandem with NSYS Group’s diagnostic software that provides a functionality test of a device.

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