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Sky Mobile customers can now share spare data freely

Saf Malik
February 10, 2021

The service is available from today

Sky Mobile has today announced that its customers can share spare data with others by adding a free Sky Mobile SIM to their account. 

Sky Mobile customers can add an extra SIM to their account and top it up with their spare Piggybank data to share with others. The service is available from today.  

Since the first national lockdown, Sky Mobile customers have been saving more data than usual, rolling over around 69GB on average in their Piggybank. 

This unused data can now be shared with friends and family. 

To add a free Sky Mobile SIM and begin sharing spare data with others, customers can simply follow these steps to get started: 

  1. Visit to add a free SIM to your basket 
  2. When it arrives, follow the instructions on the SIM pack to active it 
  3. Once activated you can give it or send it to anyone you want, ensuring current government guidelines are adhered to  
  4. Start sharing your spare data from your Sky Piggybank with the new SIM on the My Sky App

Sky Mobile allows its customers to keep all their data for up to three years. Spare data can be shared with up to 7 SIMs on the account or can be exchanged for rewards.

Sky Mobile managing director Paul Sweeney said: “We know lots of people have rolled over spare data over the past year so we’re making it possible for them to share it with someone who really needs it.

“Whether that’s giving data to a grandparent to stay connected or to help others who are homeschooling, we hope this free SIM will go some way in providing a much-needed data boost.’’

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