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Study reveals Sony smartphones depreciate in value the quickest

Paul Lipscombe
August 3, 2020

However Apple’s flagship iPhone’s retain the most value over time according to Compare My Mobile study

A new report has found that Sony smartphones depreciate significantly quicker than other smartphone brands.

According to data compiled by, Sony Xperia II owners have lost £12.86 per day.

That is despite the handset being released just two months ago.

The Xperia II was initially released from £1,099 but has plummeted in value to just £340.

In total 60 smartphones were sampled in the study across a range of brands, with Apple coming out on top for holding value.

The three most recent smartphone releases from each brand were used to gauge the level of depreciation.

Apple holds value

On average Apple handsets depreciated in value by 48.25 per cent, which was followed by OnePlus on 51.51pc and Samsung (57.21pc).

While Huawei (71.19pc), Google (76.26pc) and Sony (76.41pc) were all close together for depreciation.

Apple’s iPhone 11 holds the best value from its launch date, losing just £0.67 per day, if it were to be traded in now. This represents a drop of just 28.53pc.

“Flagship handsets can be eye-wateringly expensive,” said Decision Tech commercial manager Rob Baillie.

“Our report found Apple retains value far better than any other brand on the market, despite its rivals slowly closing the gap on flagship costs, making the iPhone the most solid investment on the phone market today.”

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