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Doro launches premium 24-hour response service for its users

Paul Lipscombe
July 31, 2020

The vendor has also launched Response By Doro, a free to use GPS tracking service

Senior phone manufacturer Doro has announced a new 24-hour subscription service that allows its users to notify an unlimited amount of responders in the case of an emergency.

The service is called Response Premium and is available for £15 per month.

Users can invite an unlimited number of family to be notified instantly in the case of an emergency.

To connect to the service users need to press response button which is located on the back of all Doro phones.

Once pressed, this triggers an alert for the selected responders, with the location of the user also revealed.

Those pre-selected responders will then be given an option to accept or reject a call based on their availability to help out.

If nobody responds to the alert within a minute, the service will automatically dial to Doro’s trained staff, where an operator will be able to assist.

Customers that buy a Doro handset through EE or BT Mobile can use Response Premium for free for the first month.

Doro UK and Ireland MD Peter Marsden said: “These services aim to provide Doro users and their loved ones with added security and peace of mind, at a time when it matters most.

“The Doro Response button has always been one of our phones signature features, ever since the founding of the company.”

GPS service

The vendor has also launched Response By Doro, which comes with a free to use GPS-enabled alarm feature, activated if the Response button on the back of the phone is pressed.

This service is available to customers that have the 8080, 8050, 8040, 8035, 7010 and 7030 smartphones.

Users can enable this service by setting up the pre-installed app on the Doro device, while responders can download the app from either Google Play Store or App Store.

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