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UK businesses keen for 5G according to UK5G research

Paul Lipscombe
June 21, 2022

Most UK businesses are confident ‘they understand the benefits of 5G’

New research has revealed 7 in 10 UK businesses are already using or planning to deploy 5G services.

The research carried out by UK5G – the national innovation network dedicating to accelerating the UK’s 5G adoption – claims that the appetite for 5G is strong in the UK.

Most UK businesses (73 per cent), according to the study, said they are confident that they understand the benefits of 5G, with 70 per cent having a plan in place to use 5G to gain competitive advantages.

Attitudes towards 5G are favourable too, as two-thirds (66 per cent) believe 5G will positively impact on sustainability efforts and 65pc say it will improve customer service.

“5G, along with other forms of advanced communications, has the potential to transform business models, generate new revenue streams by unleashing the Internet of Things, and give organisations new insights through data that enable them to improve the service they provide for customers,” said Bob Driver, head of UK5G.

“This encouraging research shows the appetite of business in sectors such as the creatives industries, transport and logistics, manufacturing and health and social care, to embrace the opportunities 5G can bring.”


However there’s still challenges preventing the UK from maximising its 5G potential, adds the report.

Three in five (63 per cent) businesses acknowledged ‘the complexity and cost of infrastructure installation and integration as the main challenge, with just over half (53pc) cited not fully understanding how to deploy 5G solutions.

But despite these challenges, nearly half (45pc) plan to make investments in 5G by 2023.



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