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Vodafone extends 12-month free broadband for UK SMEs

Paul Lipscombe
May 10, 2021

Small businesses won’t have to pay anything until 13 months into the 36-month contract

Vodafone is relaunching its offer of free broadband for small businesses for one year (12 months).

The offer applies to small businesses that have between zero to 50 employees, as the operator aims to boost post-pandemic recovery for small businesses.

This offer is available to small businesses on a 36-month contract for both new customers and existing customers due an upgrade.

The offer is available until June 17 2021, with no upfront costs required and no payment needed until the thirteenth month of the contract.

Once the 12-month period has come to an end, the monthly fee drops to the standard rate of £20.83 (plus 20pc VAT) a month for Business Broadband Superfast 1 and £25 (plus 20pc VAT) per month for Business Broadband Superfast 2.

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