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Brightstar Expect the Unexpected Event: Brightstar shifts focus from supply to services as new MD embraces ‘change or die’ approach

Elliot Mulley-Goodbarne
December 18, 2017

New Brightstar managing director Uk and Ireland Nazish Dossa says distributor’s ‘challenging’ move will benefit customers and increase value

Brightstar is moving away from a focus on the supply chain for a more serviced-based approach under the tenure of new managing director Nazish Dossa.

Speaking at the Brightstar ‘Expect the Unexpected’ event in London on November 22, Dossa said it has been “challenging” carrying out this change but believes it’s driven by necessity to evolve.

The distributor’s new managing director for UK and Ireland said the difference in models fuels new ways to help customers and increase the value Brightstar brings.

He said: “You have to transform and change or you die, that’s business generally.

“We need to add more value, we need to add more value on the chain but the challenge was moving from a transactional base to a services model so you get repeatable forward ordering.

“I learnt very early on in my career that service is a promise, not a contract, and that’s a cultural mindset change.

“We have to say that with everything we do there’s a service we are providing at the end of it.”


According to Dossa, alternative payment models have proved to be particularly popular with Brightstar customers.

In the face of increasing device prices and a lack of innovation, Brightstar is expecting the popularity and interest in leasing and alternative payment methods to increase in Europe predicting the UK to take the lead.

Dossa revealed that more and more companies are coming to them asking for ways to increase the affordability of their devices.

He added: “We’ve definitely seen some traction around the financial services, the underwriting the future value of the device and in Europe specifically. We think there will be a bit more traction in the UK as well.”


Brightstar UK sales director Chris Bowyer added that alternative ways to procure devices will also continue to be a growth point for the company.

He added: “The ground swell around mobile leasing is certainly one of the trends that I’ve seen.

“Obviously, with the cost of devices going up, the recycle rate is extending so customers are coming to us and asking how to make these devices more affordable.

“With some of our clients where we are doing innovative things around future value and just enabling our clients to get their devices to their clients and making them more affordable.”

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