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Brightstar Expect the Unexpected event: ION360 forges friendships ahead of national role-out

Elliot Mulley-Goodbarne
December 18, 2017

After sponsoring the billboard award for the top social artist of the year and striking a deal with American network Sprint, ION360 president and founder Giovanni Tomaselli is looking to do business in the UK

ION 360 are looking to partner with retailers and operators in the UK to roll out their product nationally.

The camera manufacturer has already struck partnership deals with Facebook and Youtube for the live broadcast of footage taken with the camera on both respected website.

ION has an exclusivity partnership with the American operator Sprint and was in all 1,500 stores throughout the States within three weeks of launching.

Speaking at the Brightstar ‘Expect the Unexpected’ event in London, ION360 president and founder Giovanni Tomaselli said: “We are an agnostic, we are about giving the customer choice, it’s about embracing the carriers and embracing the customers.

“The other thing that is important to us in this country is that we are here to invest. We want to work with you and with the customer to work out what is the best way to present this in the best possible light.”


Tomaselli added that ION360 are ready to embrace new platforms and make new partnerships.

“As other platforms like Instagram and Snapchat come on to 360, we will be there.

“When I sit down with carriers in different countries, I tell them I’m not looking for an order, I want to build a partnership. That’s what I want to do in the UK as well.”

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