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Brightstar Expect the Unexpected event: Sony reveals plans to increase mobile focus

Elliot Mulley-Goodbarne
December 18, 2017

Now that devices are making money, Sony head of distribution and retail Rob Hunt says that mobile is at the heart of everything the manufacturer will do in the future

Sony announced it will focus more on mobile now that “Sony corp is behind” mobile following the success of the XZ range.

The announcement was made by Sony head of UK distribution, retail and indirect, Rob Hunt, at the ‘Expect the Unexpected’ event in London, adding that the mobile division of the company is now returning a profit to the Japanese tech giant.

This year, Sony grew 15 per cent on 2016 with overall profits up 55 per cent on last year. Hunt asserted Sony is the third-biggest premium device manufacturer in the UK after Samsung and Apple.

Mobile accounts for just 10 per cent of the manufacturer’s focus but that is set to change, especially in raising awareness of the uses for Xperia devices in businesses.

Hunt said: “I’ve been at Sony for two years and I’ve seen a big transformation in the business.

“Ten per cent of what we do is mobile and it is at the heart of the whole future eco-system for the business.

“We are here to stay, we can delight and we can do that with you by executing well in the channel. We have the products, we have the tech and the innovation and we have the team.”


Hunt also confirmed that Sony had finished a refresh and was ready to progress across different formats.

“Taking the best of Sony, putting it into mobile and building a wider proposition around it is something that we have got to get a lot better at in the future,” Hunt added. “We have a new division making smart products like the Xperia Touch Projector.

“But we need to differentiate ourselves and bring some excitement to a flat category.”

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