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Insurance ignorance costs parents hundreds in smartphone repairs

Saf Malik
February 11, 2021

Insurance2go found fewer than one in 20 Brits have insurance cover for their child’s smartphone

Just four per cent of parents say they have appropriate insurance cover for their child’s phone according to research carried out by Insurance2go. 

The specialist insurance provider revealed that almost one in ten (9 per cent) of parents spend £175 on fixing or replacing their child’s smartphone, while parents of 16-year-olds have spent the most on average at £158. 

A smashed screen proved to be the most likely damage caused to a child’s phone, with over half (53 per cent) of parents admitting that their children’s smartphones have suffered a smashed screen. 

Top five things that have happened to a child’s phone:

1. Smashed screen (53 per cent)

2. Damaged charger (30 per cent)

3. Water damage (26 per cent)

4. Damaged camera (18 per cent)

5. Damaged battery (17 per cent)

Insurance2go head of marketing Richard Gray said: “It is surprising to see that only one in 20 parents have their child’s phone covered by an insurance policy when parents are spending so much money fixing and replacing their smartphones.

“With all the new tech innovations and smartphone releases, it can be overwhelming when you’re the parent of a tech-savvy child. Protecting your tech shouldn’t be a chore, but as some insurance providers require you to be 18 or over in order to purchase mobile insurance, it often can be.

“At Insurance2go, if your child permanently resides with you and you purchased the device, you can make a claim so long as all other terms and conditions have been complied with. 

“Other providers may have different requirements so be sure to check the age constraints when you first sign up for a new policy.”

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