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Toob selects Trenches Law as its telco law partner

Paul Lipscombe
April 23, 2021

Toob has previously worked with Trenches Law back in 2019

Broadband provider Toob has selected Trenches Law as its telecoms law partner, as it prepares to roll out its £8 million full-fibre network in Surrey.

Toob will provide its service to two towns in Surrey – Camberley and Frimley.

Work on the rollout is set to begin this spring, with the firm aiming to cover more than 20,000 premises with its 900Mbps connectivity by the end of next year.

Trenches Law will coordinate with Toob, the Land Registry, local authorities, freeholders and property owners to ensure the required permissions are in place for installing the network.

The law firm has recently launched an automation system designed to speed up processes for gaining rights of way in infrastructure projects – known as wayleaves.

Commenting on the collaboration, Trenches Law’s liaison officer Sarah Gower said: “Wayleaves never leave the industry’s headlines, which only goes to show the difficulties they cause.

“However, with the right expertise, contacts and dialogue with local communities, even complex network projects can advance at pace.”

The two firms have worked together before, with Trenches Law helping to acquire wayleaves in Southampton in 2019.

Toob CEO Nick Parbutt added: “I’m delighted to extend our partnership to Camberley and Frimley. The team at Trenches Law works with us in a true spirit of partnership – adjusting their approach and focus to meet our requirements, and I continue to be delighted with their contribution to our business.”

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